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  Life Time Limited Warranty - Information Sheet  

As the new owner of a LOK-N-LOGS log home you have built the best protected log home available in the industry today. In order to keep your Lifetime Limited Warranty in force you must adhere to the conditions of coverage which were outlined on your "CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE" document.

Specifically, you have agreed to use the log and beam components in the manner for which each component was designed and for the purpose for which each log and beam component was intended. You must also apply the initial coating of wood finish which was included in your log home package, and make all subsequent applications with a LOK-N-LOGS approved wood finish, according to the schedule outlined below. You have also agreed to assemble the log wall components on a permanent foundation, according to the specifications and directions provided by LOK-N-LOGS, Inc., under a permanent roof structure within six (6) months from the day of delivery.

Additional information regarding the proper handling and storage of the material covered under this Lifetime Limited Warranty is contained in your 'Get Ready Letter' and included in your "CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE".

To keep this Lifetime Limited Warranty in force you must apply a LOK-N-LOGS approved wood finish to the entire exterior of your log home according to the schedule outlined herein. Your initial application of an exterior wood finish must be made within three (3) to twelve (12) months after the completion of your shell construction. You must apply the wood finish according to the manufacturer's specifications and directions. Generally, wood finishes can be brush or spray applied.

When spraying, be sure to apply a thorough coating and to back brush for proper coverage. You should also use tarps or plastic to cover any landscaping which may be affected during the application process.

Your second application of a LOK-N-LOGS approved exterior wood finish should be made within three (3) years of the initial application. You will want to pay particular attention to areas which receive the most direct sunlight and are exposed to the most direct rain or back splash (i.e. from decks, the ground, etc.). Areas which are protected by porches or broad roof overhangs may only require a light coating.

Your third and subsequent applications should be made every three (3) years thereafter, again being careful to follow the manufacturer's specifications for proper application. Thus, to get the protection which LOK-N-LOGS warrants, you must make applications of a LOK-N-LOGS approved exterior wood finish according to the following schedule: First Application 3 -- 12 months after shell construction is completed Second Application within 3 years after the first application Third and Subsequent 3 years thereafter Applications.

In order to get warranty service, or to order replacement parts, you must send a copy of your "CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE" along with copies of receipts showing the purchases of a LOK-N-LOGS approved exterior wood finish according to the specified application schedule to:

Director of Customer Service
P.O. Box 677, Route 12
Sherburne, NY 13460

As always, if you have any questions or if you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at Phone: 1-800-343-8928.


You must do so in order to allow your log surfaces to reach an equilibrium moisture content, which generally is accomplished with the passing of one (1) heating/cooling cycle. Also, premature application of an interior wood finish may result in chipping or peeling of the wood finish or may promote an adverse reaction with our log treatment process.

This warranty does not apply to an infrequently recurring condition referred to as 'blooming'. Occasionally, some of the borate salts used in our pressure-treating process crystallize on some interior log surfaces. This 'blooming' is not hazardous and can be easily removed as long as you have not applied a finish to your interior log surfaces.