Log Home Finishing Products

PeneTreat, a borate-based wood preservative, forms a shell of protection to defend against rot, most wood-destroying insects and fungi.
Log Keeper keeps your logs new from the day they were cut to the day you decide to coat them with stain.
IMPEL Rods offer a unique and effective preservative system for the prevention and control of internal decay in log and timber structures.

High Sierra Log Stain was formulated for ease of application without sacrificing beauty or performance. It really is easy to apply. The 2-coat system has a longer working time so that lap marks are practically eliminated and the second coat evens out inconsistencies that may have occurred on the application of the first coat. It can even be applied at cooler temperatures, surface temperatures as low as 40F.
Capture log stain is specifically designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation.
Capture's Available Colors
Cascade is a clear coating that provides added exterior protection against damaging UV rays, molds and fungi.

Symphony, Gloss or Satin, is the beautiful way to protect the natural elegance of interior logs.

Log Builder Log Home Sealant moves with your home, maintaining an effective seal.
Log Builder Colors
Stacker is ideal for use between stacked logs because it maintains its seal-even when logs move.

When other chinking pulls away, Log Jam holds its seal.
Log Jam Colors
Brush Over is the fast and effective way to give your home the just-chinked look.

Designed to apply Log Jam, Log Builder and Stacker quickly and easily!
Backer Rod is a foam material used to fill large checks and gaps between logs.