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Pressure-Treating with Sodium Borate

All of our log components are pressure-treated with Sodium Borate an EPA-approved, environmentally friendly, odorless and colorless industrial wood preservative. This treatment process provides protection for your log material against decay and wood ingesting insects (except Formosan subterranean termites). Our log material is pressure-treated in Lok-N-Logs own treating facilities so that we can monitor and control the preservative process.

Boron is an integral part of the natural world. As one of the 109 elements that make up the planet, boron is everywhere- in soil, water, plants and animals. Boron combines with oxygen and other elements to form boric acid, or inorganic salts called borates.

Borates are important ingredients in a variety of household and commercial products used in agriculture, ceramics, personal care products, fiberglass, glass and wood treatments.

The treating facilities at Lok-N-Logs can process up to five houses a day.

Borate treated wood is a safe and long-lasting method to protect your home from wood destroying organisms. Borate treated wood has been used successfully for more then fifty years to prevent fungi decay and is deadly to termites, powder post beetles and old house bores- but safe for people, pets and the environment. With Borate Pressure Treating and proper exterior maintenance, your log home will carry Lok-N-Logs Transferable Lifetime Warranty.We feel strongly enough about the benefits of this product that we will cover not only the original homeowner, but also the next and the next.