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  Pre-Cut Construction Information  

When you compare log home companies and the log home packages which they provide, log joinery systems and log precutting should be two of your primary considerations. At LOK-N-LOGS we have refined and perfected the time-honored tongue and groove log building system so that you can build your LOK-N-LOGS home with complete confidence. Our sealing system is second to none and we encourage you to compare it with that of other manufacturers. We're sure that LOK-N-LOGS stacks up favorably!

Some log home manufacturers do not precut your log components at all, choosing instead to provide a "random length" package which is labor intensive - driving up construction time and costs. Other companies precut only portions of your log package leaving open the possibility for costly cutting errors at the job site and the potential for equally costly construction delays. At LOK-N-LOGS we totally precut all of your log components. In addition to our 8' high log walls, which feature precut corner joints and window and door openings, we also precut our full log gable ends - including roof angles and gable end openings. Regardless of your choice of log style or roof configuration, your LOK-N-LOGS home will arrive at your building site with precut house and porch rafters. We also precut the mortise and tenon floor joists and the main carrier beam connections for your second floor support system. Accurate precutting means less construction time on-site and translates into substantial construction costs savings. Responsibility for all log cuts lies with us, the manufacturer, not with the local contractor faced with the challanges presented by a "random length" log package.

Our customers have come to appreciate the benefits of our fully precut log home packages. Marilyn Musumeci and Jan Grantz of White Plains, New York, built their log walls in two weeks... "...doing most of the work ourselves with help from new freinds. We love our house," they wrote, "and we feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that we built it ourselves. Thank you for making that possible." LOK-N-LOGS also offers a 'technical assistance' session as part of every log home package which we sell. A member of our trained start-up staff will visit your building site and show you or your builder how to properly stack our log wall system. We want your home to be the best it can be.