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Panelized Log Building Systems
Lok-N-Logs Panelized Log Building Systems offers three options to assist you in your home design and construction. The following options can be included with any of our standard Log, Frame and Finish packages or custom designs.

Option 1: Traditional precut 1st floor log walls, log joists and log rafters combined with panelized gable ends and insulated roof panels. This option retains the traditional log home and increases the speed of construction for the gable ends and roof system.

Option 2: Fully panelized walls, gables and insulated roof panels are used in conjunction with precut log floor joists and precut rafters. The entire shell structure can be assembled by a crane* at your job site. Wall and gable panels are delivered with or without log siding attached and doors and windows installed. Interior walls can be dry wall, tongue and groove or log siding. This option allows the design of even the most contemporary home… with a rustic accent. *Call our office to check on availability of Lok-N-Logs crews and equipment. If using a local(non-Lok-N-Logs) crew our field technicians are available to assist you.

Option 3: Custom material packages… pick and choose the component combinations that you would like. Maybe you would like a totally traditional log home using precut log walls, log gables, log joists and rafters but like the speed and convenience of our insulated roof panels. This or any combination of materials can be put together for your log home package.

Lok-N-Logs panelized log building systems
Where the traditional Lok-N-Logs log home style is combined with the newest building technologies and materials. Lok-N-Logs homes, built to the best of today's standards and warranted into the next generation.