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  Kiln Drying  

Kiln Drying has many benefits for log construction. By kiln drying our wall log components to an average 19%, Lok-N-Logs has been able to nearly eliminate sap seepage. During the drying process the sap is crystallized which helps eliminate much of the seeping that would normally occur in logs. After the wall logs have been kiln dried, please keep in mind that current local weather and humidity will affect the actual amount of moisture in your logs. This does not adversely affect your wall log components.

An additional benefit of kiln dried wall logs is that the overall weight of the log is greatly reduced. This is a big asset to those setting the logs on the job site!

One of the Dry Kilns at the Lok-N-Logs Mill in Sherburne, NY.
Finally, when kiln drying is combined with building techniques that allow for minor shrinkage of log components, much of the settling that is common during log construction can be minimized. Lok-N-Logs provides instructions in their plan details to assist the professional builder or the homeowner in the application of proper settling techniques.